A network of committed healthcare facilities and breast cancer advocates dedicated to ensuring BC patients have access to the best care in a timely manner resulting in the best possible outcome.

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  • Teach women how to do the Self Breast Examination.
  • Teach women proper breast and cervical health.
  • Equip women with knowledge of what to do when abnormalities are detected.
  • Ensure breast lumps are removed as soon as possible.
  • Ensure removed lumps are biopsied in the shortest possible time.
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  • African Health Development Initiative
  • The Sapphire Cancer Foundation
  • The Sapphire Health Group

    • Ensure women diagnosed with BC commence treatment as soon as possible regardless of financial status.
    • Ensure all medications and materials for treatment are available as and when needed.
    • Ensure each stage of treatment is carried out at the right time, with the most appropriate medications and materials and at affordable rates.

    • Ensure every woman diagnosed with BC is properly informed to make the right decisions.
    • Ensure every woman diagnosed with BC has a mentor to guide her through her journey and belongs to a Breast Cancer Support Group. (Mentors are BC Survivors)
    • Financial support is provided for indigent patients and patients with varying degrees of financial need. (Patients must be in the early stages of the disease and willing to commence treatment immediately)
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